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Child Care Checklist

To ensure that we can provide the best possible service please note the following:

1. Leave the sitter emergency contact numbers, ginger ale, jell-o, soap, and other “sick kid necessities” .

2. Provide instructions on any special equipment (e.g., Nebulizer, inhaler, etc) that your child may need

3. Be clear about medicines needed, dosages and times.

4. Please complete the required agreement and registration forms.

5 Nutrition Tips For Kids

Developing a healthy, well-rounded and fun diet for kids is one of the best things you can do to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 important tips for imparting nutrition knowledge to kids.

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    Just like we’ve told you that breakfast is important for adults, it’s equally if not more important for kids. Just like adults, breakfast gives kids fuel for the day ahead. Making a quick and healthy family breakfast a priority — even if it’s just 10 minutes at the table together — is an excellent start to the day for both physical and emotional health.


    While you may avoid drinking your calories at all costs, there are healthy drink options with calories that are good for kids, like low-fat milk and 100 percent fruit juices (in moderation). But if you can impart a love of water to your kids at a young age, you’re doing them a world of favors later on. Steer clear of sodas — even diet versions — and instead find ways to perk up water, like fruit slices or even a zero-calorie, zero-sugar flavor packet in a pinch. The most important thing to remember is, if your drink has calories, it should also have nutrients.


    The earlier you start feeding your kids a variety of food, the less likely they’re going to become picky eaters, and the more likely they’ll be adventurous when it comes to trying new, healthy foods. Plan ahead with healthy snacks like carrot sticks and hummus or apples and peanut butter so you’re not slipping into the drive-thru for french fries and processed chicken nuggets when mealtime hits.


    Getting kids actively involved in meal planning and even cooking and preparation teaches them about the foods themselves. Providing them with a variety of healthy options and then letting them help choose meals for the week — and even new recipes — is a great way to empower your kids to make healthy choices and to enjoy the process of meal planning and cooking.


    JDon’t allow your kids to graze mindlessly throughout the day. Stick to planned meals — breakfast, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and dinner — and don’t stray from those times. If you know activities are going to interfere with the meal schedule, try to plan ahead so you’re not — once gain — slipping into the drive-thru for a nutrition-free, processed meal. The more you can treat your meal times as sacred family time, the better for both you and your children. You don’t have to sit down for a three-hour meal every night, but even a quick 15- to 20-minute meal together does a world of good.

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